Nine Gates of the Kingdom Shadows

The Nine Gates of the Kingdom Shadows from the movie “The Ninth Gate”

AUTHOR: Aristide Torchia
DESCRIPTION: Here we present the most valuable copy of Nine Gates of the Kingdom Shadows, produced by Libriproibiti. This version only in appearance has nothing different from the others in my shop, but if you look better you will see that the pages with which the book is printed – ALL pages – are in Favini parchment paper (90 gr.).
The impact is a tome thick, heavy, massive, the book you would expect hides unspeakable secrets. Indeed, is the book that makes crazy Boris Balkan in the film The Ninth Gate directed by Roman Polanski, who believes to curry the attention of Lucifer himself.
We know – or at least those who have seen the film – how it ends the story, and we know that the road that leads us to the nine gates is long and winding, but if we are ready to own this copy of the book, you can keep it there in plain sight in a bulletin board, and it will surely make you captivate the envy of your friends and … also in Him, the prince of darkness who is looking for it after more than 400 years. Text entirely in Latin, printed on parchment paper. Hardcover full fiber black leather extremely realistic veined. Present the 9 engraves as the original book in the movie where pages are signed AT and LCF in the sequence as it appears in the book by Boris Balkan.
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SIZE: 21 x 15 cm
COVER: Hardcover, black fiber leather with embossed pentacle
PAPER: Parchment Favini paper 90 gr. or Fabriano Onyx 80gr.
UNDERCOVER: Varese colored paper 90gr.for the version printed on Favini parchment 90gr.; parchment undercover for the version printed on Fabriano Onyx 80gr.
NOTES: Sequence engraves 1. AT – 2. AT – 3. LCF – 4. AT – 5. AT – 6. AT – 7. AT – 8. LCF – 9. LCF