Welcome to Libriproibiti.com, the first and the only one place where the banned books still printed and handmade bound by a foreigner in the world and his friend: a strange creature called Balthazar, a real handyman gargoyle.
There is also a creature of the night, Domino, a part of the bookbinder’s heart and his precious collaborator. She is the mind and the hand who create the Gothic art that you can find here.
There is a no-place in this world, where the Memory become art; we recover forgotten and prohibited texts, making them still alive in beautiful artistic editions, affordable for everyone.
Because knowledge must be accessible to everyone.
We make ancient mechanic steampunk objects from a no-existing era, and we create a gothic and macabre art for stronger hearts…
If you love books and forgotten, strange, macabre and wonderful things, you’re welcome on Libriproibiti – Forbidden Books, the first Italian site dedicated to the art of the preservation of the memory as inexhaustible source of knowledge.
This is not a place for weak hearts.